GOJI is the first marketplace in the token economy where you can actually buy products and experiences easily at significant discounts.

Pre-Sale begins 5th February 2018 with 40% discount


Through the GOJI sales platform you can buy travel products, consumer goods, cars, luxury items and much more whilst also having the chance to bid in our GOJI Auction environment for minimal reserve items.

As with any new technology product development is not enough to ensure success, there needs to be mass adoption of the core principles to ensure success and drive even further development. 3D Television didn’t fail because of a lack of development, but because not enough people wanted to use it. GOJI Tree will play a significant part in helping open up the crypto-currency world to the inexperienced but curious user encouraging acceptance of and further involvement in this developing market.


Rather than the consumer having to take the tokens to the retailer to make a purchase, we will bring the products to the consumer, eliminating the need for multiple wallet transfers while presenting an opportunity for global and local brands to boost sales without the need to adopt their own specific currency to do so.

What can existing crypto-currency traders spend their market gains on without converting those gains back into fiat? – currently very little.

For existing token holders their current ability to purchase products is hampered by limited options and the need to transfer specific amounts to each separate retailer. GOJI Tree will change this by providing an outlet to buy GOJI and convert them into a range of products and experiences.

For those with limited or no experience in the crypto-currency world, GOJI tree offers the opportunity to enjoy the potential benefits of coin ownership whilst providing a range of popular products to buy at leisure through a simple to use interface.

By offering a range of products through the sales and auction platforms GOJI Tree will help combat the speculative nature of the crypto currency market place.

GOJI Tree will be a lot of FUN!


GOJI isn't just a token, it’s an economic environment where users can gain experience in the crypto-currency world and use their tokens to buy tangible products. Whilst the user experience is simplified to encourage people into the crypto-currency world, the ecosystem is also aimed at existing experienced traders and holders of other tokens seeking to use their gains to enhance their lifestyles.

Features include:


GOJI has been designed to make product purchases as easy as any other online retail experience.


Holidays, cars, consumer goods, technology. GOJI is an open marketplace not limited by product or service.


Bid on a large range of products and services at minimal reserve prices. There will be some fantastic deals available.


An extremely important part of any TDE drive, GOJI Tree will have governance over the funds raised as well as using trust and escrow features to ensure integrity.


GOJI is not trying to re-invent the wheel; the tech exists already. We just want to make it so simple your granny could use it. This does not mean we compromise on security however.


GOJI includes a range of highly competent commercial officers to run this business from across travel, e-commerce, sourcing, marketing and tech.

Participation Benefits?

A pre-TDE purchase price of up to 40%

By getting involved early it is possible to purchase a dollar token for only 60c. These tokens are eligible for the Redemption Guarantee Program ensuring they can be redeemed for $1 worth of product through the GOJI Tree sales platform. There will also be tokens available for 80c and 90c during the TDE.

The possibility to convert crypto-currency market gains into tangible products

Made gains by trading other crypto-currency coins and want to use those gains to buy a holiday? With GOJI Tree its simple to do. Just buy some GOJI through the website or on an exchange and use them to purchase your dream holiday! No need to ‘cash out’ and lose in fee’s by doing so.

1 million GOJI Airdrop

Open to anyone who registers their interest in the GOJI Tree TDE, we will be distributing 1 million GOJI via an Airdrop campaign to anyone who enters their details here:

TDE Structure



The tokens sold during the TDE will be separate tokens from GOJI.
On completion of the TDE these tokens will be exchanged 1 for 1 with GOJI tokens to the original purchasing wallet. These tokens will be called:


For 60 cent tokens


For 80 cent tokens


For 90 cent tokens


For $1 tokens

See the White Paper for further details.

Token Breakdown



Allocated Reserve


27 Million

For sale through the website portal for new signees

2 Million

For bounty scheme

6.5 Million

For reward program for members who get friends or family to sign up post-TDE

14.5 Million

Held in 1-year escrow for owners of GOJI


Find out more technical details about GOJI and how you can participate in this incredible opportunity.

IT and Development
Operations and Administration
Auction Reserve
TDE Bounties
Bonuses and TDE Renumeration


There will be 4 key areas that will be focused on going forward. Tech, Marketing, Contracting and Support. Post TDE, our roadmap will be as follows:

  1. March 2018

    Late March
    Token distribution event ends

    End of March
    Registration for redemption guarantee ends and bounties distributed. GOJI Auction Tokens distributed for TDE referrals. And change it to ‘Bounty Program, Airdrop and GOJI Auction Tokens distributed for TDE referrals

  2. May 2018

    End March
    Teams established in UK, USA, Europe and Philippines (Customer Support and Admin).

  3. July 2018

    Mid July
    Website completed with initial contracted suppliers. Instruction videos completed, regional and support teams recruited and training commences.

    End of July
    First Auction offered to TDE members

  4. August 2018

    Early August
    Auction interface tested and integrated into website.

    Mid August
    Announcement confirming first public auction date and range of items for sale to coincide with start of initial hype marketing campaign. Website live 1 week before first auction commences. Facilities offer token purchase, token exchange for products listed, auction participation.Website offers travel and consumer products for purchase using GOJI Tokens. Referral reward scheme initiated.

    Late August
    First auction begins for 24 hour period. On completion highest bidders are contacted and products distributed. GOJI Auctions to commence on a weekly cycle from then on.

  5. October 2018

    Late October
    GOJI Markets goes live as third part of website enabling SME’s and solo traders to buy and sell products with each other using GOJI Tokens.

  6. February 2019

    Early February
    First GOJI escrow review for owners’ tokens subject to roadmap targets having been met based on establishment of Auctions, promotions, product offerings, global reach and marketing campaigns .


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Meet the Team

A range of experts across the disciplines we need to make GOJI a success standard These include:

image team

Simon Sweet

CEO and Founder

Over 20 years' experience in the tourism industry focusing on operations and business development, leading teams from 3 to 300 people to pull in the same direction and achieve well defined goals. From successful start ups of companies to trouble shooting in large corporations Simon has the drive, knowledge and experience to lead the GOJI team towards their goals.

image team

Alex Bowden

Director of Marketing & Co-Founder

Owner of LIQUID, a SE Asian based branding and marketing consultancy, Alex brings an in-depth knowledge of commercial branding and marketing distribution. Alex will be responsible for the GOJI brand, its website and post ICO marketing campaigns.

image team

Arran Ayres

Director Tourism Services

With over 10 years' experience in the industry, Arran has become an expert in tourism consolidators and major industry suppliers. From well known household names like Agoda to through to background B to B consolidators Arran has the experience to bring the best to our platform.

image team

Ilja Panov

Contracting Consultant

Fluent in English, Spanish, Russian and Lithuanian, Ilja has worked at the cutting edge of contract negotiation for one of Asia’s leading tourism consolidators. His expertise as a consultant will ensure the development of the team that secures unique product offerings for both the website and auctions.

image team

Kieran Ayres

Retail Director

Bringing 20 years professional retail experience to the team, Kieran will head up the team in charge of sourcing products for both the retail and auction functions of the company.

image team

Russell Winterbotham

Translation and Localisation Consultant

With over 8 years' experience in helping key brands adapt their content to suit global markets Russell will be involved in ensuring our message is communicated clearly in all 4 languages.

image team

Sean Hynes

TDE advisor

With 7 years corporate finance experience and recent success in running an TDE, Sean has been fundamental in the development of the GOJI Tree concept and how it can be best brought to market.

image team

Marco Sprenkels

crypto-currency and business advisor

Marco comes with a great deal of experience as an entrepreneur and business advisor and has been on board to advise business strategies, implementation and usage of current tools to bring the project to fruition.

image team

John Joe Morgan

Website and Data Security

John brings over a decades experience in building and maintaining company websites across the world and will be instrumental in building and securing our platform from initial design through to launch and beyond.

image team

Kent Wiley

Corporate Finance Consultant

Kent brings a vast wealth of experience and knowledge to the team with his years working as CEO for some of the regions major players. On board to consult on corporate structure and financial management.





GOJI Tree will be a thriving and open market place that will rely on participation and feedback from its members to drive the project forward. At the early stages of the company, we would like to offer a bounty reward program to those who are interested in our project and help us to share the news. We have set aside 3 million tokens for the bounty scheme, payable in a breakdown format to those who get involved. If you are a member of the GOJI Tree community and would like to share the good news and be rewarded for it, then please click here to learn more and register for our bounty program



Simply click the button below to get a piece of the action!

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